Welcome to Publishing Workshop

Do you dream of becoming a published author?

Perhaps you are a small business owner or entrepreneur and want to boost your business with a book but struggle to find the time to even start?

Maybe you are an expert in your field and want to write a book to give yourself more credibility? Or have you written a novel but don’t know what to do next?

Whatever your situation, I can make it happen.

With 14 years’ experience as a publisher I know the industry inside out, and over the years I have helped many authors make their dreams a reality by giving them the skills, confidence and support to get their voice heard. Whether you are a business owner or a blogger, have written a novel, a cookery book or a self-help manual, I can help you to create a polished finished product ready for publication.

My coaching programs and workshops can transform your writing and editing skills in as little as one day. Whether you would like to write a business book from scratch or you have already written a manuscript and you need help with editing, arrange a FREE consultation today and take the next step to changing your life.

I recently took Sophie’s One Day Book Building Workshop, which was fantastic and exactly what I hoped it would be. During the workshop, I went from having a few ideas for a book to having the title, subtitle, each chapter planned out and even a writing schedule. I would highly recommend this workshop if you are planning on writing a book. Thanks Sophie!

Chris Gough, RAW IT


In you, Sophie, I have found not only a guide but a friend. Thank you for, after a life time of writing, turning A 1950s Housewife into the most commercially successful book I’ve ever written.

Sheila Hardy, author of A 1950s Housewife and A 1950s Mother

It has been brilliant and fun to work with you and I will truly NEVER forget all the care and effort you put into [the book]. Thank you for sticking with it, despite the odd problem!

Heather Holden-Brown, literary agent

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