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Do you dream of becoming a published author? Perhaps you have written a novel but don’t know what to do next and lack the confidence to let it out into the world. Or perhaps you are an expert in your field and want to write a book to give yourself more credibility. Maybe you are a blogger and would love to turn what you write into a published book.

Whatever your situation, I can make it happen.

With 14 years’ experience as a publisher I know the industry inside out, and over the years I have helped many authors make their dreams a reality by giving them the skills, confidence and support to get their voice heard. Whether you have written a novel, a cookery book or a self-help manual, are a parenting blogger or a business expert, I can help you to create a polished finished product and help you to reach your audience.

  • fiction – are you sitting on that novel you’ve been writing for 5 years? Just can’t finish a project? I can evaluate your manuscript, whatever state it is in, and advise you on how to take that next important step.
  • are you an expert in your field? Are you a business consultant, coach, marketer, nutritionist, parenting expert or psychologist? I can help you to write a book from scratch to establish yourself as an authority in your area of expertise.
  • do you write a successful blog? A book is the next step for your brand. I can help you turn your blogging into a published work.
  • do you own a small business such as a cafe, farm shop or florist? I can help you to extend your brand by writing a book your existing and new customers will love.

My workshops and courses can transform your writing and editing skills in just one day. Whether you would like to write a non-fiction book from scratch or you have already written a manuscript and you need help with editing, arrange a FREE consultation today and take the next step to changing your life.


You have always been professional, supportive, kind and encouraging.  All of my books have benefited tremendously from your brilliant insight and innate, perceptive wisdom.  You have been an absolute joy to work with, and your advice and guidance has always been spot on.

Penny Starns, author of Odette: World War Two’s Darling Spy, Blitz Children, Surviving Tenko and many others

It has been brilliant and fun to work with you and I will truly NEVER forget all the care and effort you put into [the book]. Thank you for sticking with it, despite the odd problem!

Heather Holden-Brown, literary agent

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