Grammar and Writing Course


improve your grammar and writing course

Do you worry that the writing skills of your employees are not up to scratch? Are you concerned your students are limiting their opportunities due to poor writing style?

Incorrect use of grammar and poor writing structure has a huge impact on the first impression you make on your clients. In fact, 59% of people said they would not buy from a website that had grammatical errors. Students with poor writing skills find it harder to get interviews and pass exams, and they get lower marks in their coursework. Many people in their 20s, 30s and 40s missed out on grammar-focused education and struggle with their writing in the workplace.

The Grammar and Writing Course is a one-day course for universities, colleges, charities and businesses – in fact, anyone who has to write for work or study. The day is split into two parts:

Part 1 – Grammar

I teach the fundamentals of grammar and how to avoid common errors. You will learn:

  • The parts of speech and how to use them
  • How to use apostrophes
  • The difference between that/which/who, their/they’re/there, your/you’re and fewer/less
  • How to use punctuation correctly
  • How to avoid the most common grammatical errors

Part 2 – Writing Skills

The second part of our day looks at how to write clearly and effectively for your audience. You will learn the importance of:

  • Brevity
  • Tone
  • Writing persuasively
  • The passive and active voices
  • Structuring your writing correctly
  • Using paragraphs

I use simple examples, tricks and tips for remembering key rules, and exercises that ensure an ongoing understanding of grammar, so you will never produce a poor piece of writing again.

Course duration: one day

Course leader: Sophie Bradshaw.

Fees: £595