3-Step Manuscript Editing (fiction and non-fiction)

editing writing manuscript courseIf you have written a book and need developmental editing or a complete restructure, this is a results-driven course that will help you achieve your goal of a finished, publishable manuscript. The course goes at your own pace, and I offer as much feedback and revision as you feel is necessary to get you to your end result.

Step 1 – Editing

I complete a full developmental edit of your manuscript. I only ever take on work when I have either met the author or discussed with them what they would like me to help with. As well as a fully marked-up and tracked document, I provide a 1-2 page feedback sheet with details of my suggested changes.

Step 1 fees: from £12 per 1000 words/flat fee of £400 for manuscripts under 30,000 words.

Step 2 – Feedback

You can choose to end the work I do for you after the initial edit. However, if you require ongoing feedback and revision, for a monthly fee I will meet with you or phone/Skype to discuss the changes I have suggested in further detail, and you will then have the full advantage of my ongoing editorial consultancy.

Step 3 – Ongoing revision

Once you are on my editorial consultancy program, I will work with you until we get it right. As you pay a monthly fee, this process can happen at entirely your own pace. Once you make changes and submit them to me, we have an ongoing process of discussion and revision until you have a finished manuscript ready to be published. I can then connect you with other industry experts to help you attract agents and publishers, or to find the right self-publishing platform for you.

Steps 2 and 3 fees: from £195 per month

I offer a FREE initial consultation on all editorial work. To talk to me about your book, please complete the form below.