Courses and Workshops

You may be a small business owner or entrepreneur, a coach or consultant, a blogger, an expert in your field, an amateur historian, a food writer… or you may just have a great idea for a novel. Wherever you are coming from, my 14 years’ experience of publishing means that I am best placed to advise you on the structure, style and tone of your book.

In my 14 years in the publishing industry, I have edited and advised on hundreds of non-fiction and fiction books, and I can help you too. My workshops and courses are perfect if you

  • have an idea for a book but don’t know how to start
  • don’t have the time to write a book by yourself
  • have written a draft but feel it needs a lot of improvement

After a free initial chat about your ideas I will tell you exactly how I can transform your writing and take you from draft to publishable manuscript. I can then connect you with industry experts who can advise on book and cover design, ebooks and self-publishing, or help you to present your work to agents and publishers.

Here’s a summary of my courses and workshops:

one-day book-building workshop

turn your blog into a book


To get started, I offer a FREE initial consultation, where I will discuss a strategy that will help you get where you want to be. To find out more, please contact me. You can also take a look at what my clients have had to say about working with me.