What should I write my book about?

What should I write a book aboutFinishing a book is hard. But starting a book is even harder.

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, you will likely understand the power of content marketing. You will also understand that a book about your business would position you as an expert, make you stand out from the competition and reach more potential clients. You may have even set some time aside to write a book that will grow your business.
But how do you know what to write about? This first hurdle is a big one, and constantly changing your mind about the subject of your book will stop you from getting the job done. When I work with authors who don’t know what to write about, I tell give them one piece of advice:

Write about your reader’s problem.

If you have a customer persona – a profile of your ideal client – you will know a lot about them already. This is your reader. And the first question you must ask about your reader is: what is their problem?
If you are a grief counsellor, a wedding planner or a mortgage adviser, your reader’s problem may seem obvious. In this case, it is your job to narrow down that problem and make it more specific. Spreading the subject of your book too wide will make it difficult to write and leave you struggling for market share. Focus on one type of problem that you can solve in your book. Bereavement in Early Life, How to Plan a Bohemian Wedding or Mortgages for the Self-Employed are all examples of narrowing down a wider area of expertise.
For some businesses, the problem you are solving may seem less obvious. This is where you must think like a consumer. What will your reader be searching for or sharing on social media in their area of interest? What question or scenario do they have that you could be a part of?
For example, if you run a vegan street food company, you may think your reader’s only problem is that they’re hungry. But if you think about what they search for and the content they love, you may consider a book of vegan street food recipes. If you run a natural swimming pool business, why not write about wild swimming? A company that produces educational textbooks could write a book about home schooling. The possibilities are endless, if you only think outside the box.
Here are some things to think about when deciding what subject to write about:
• Who is your reader?
• What is their problem?
• What are they searching for and sharing online?
• What inspires them?
• What related industries or subjects is your reader interested in?
• How can you narrow down your subject to appeal to a specific need?
I always love to hear about new book projects and ideas. When you’ve decided on your subject, why not drop me a line and see what I think?

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