Six reasons you should write a book about your coaching business. And one reason you shouldn’t.

6 reasons you should write a book about your coaching business

“I run a coaching business. Should I write a book?”

This is a question I am often asked, and I tell people that the answer is yes, and no.

If you run a business where you offer your skills and expertise to people, writing a book could be the best thing you ever do for your business. Here are six reasons why:

You have already started.

If you are using content marketing, you probably have masses of material you could use in your book already, which puts you one huge step ahead of most aspiring authors. If you write blog posts, you also already know which pieces of content get the best reaction from your readers.

You know who your reader is.

If you have any sense, you have researched your ideal client. The good news is that your ideal client – the person whose problem you can solve – is also your ideal reader. If you have built any kind of following around your personal brand then you have access to people who are already interested in what you do. What’s more, you know how to reach them.

A book will give you more credibility.

Imagine if when you meet prospective clients you could hand them a copy of your finished book? If they were doubting your credentials in any way, letting them know that you are a published author will give strength to your own personal brand.

A book lets people spend time with you.

The more time people spend with you, the more they trust you and the more likely you are to win their business. But how do you make people spend time with you? You let them read your words. Talking to them through your book is the next best thing to talking to them in real life, so by talking to them through your book, you are already building a relationship.

The process of writing will clarify your product.

Even if you wrote a book and no one ever read it, it would still be worth it. That’s because the act of writing itself is invaluable to anyone with a coaching or consultancy business. By having to structure what you offer into a book, you will clarify your ‘system’ – the way in which you help your clients – in your head. Putting it down on paper will allow you to see any holes in what you do, and naturally allow your products and services to form into a coherent business.

You can use your book as a tool for your business.

Your book will become a tangible follow-up tool for your clients. Instead of leaving them high and dry at the end of the process, by giving them a copy of your book you leave them with your words of wisdom long after your contact with them has ended, making them more likely to recommend you to others.

So there you have six reasons why writing a book is the best thing you can do for your business right now. But I also want to share with you one reason why writing a book could be the worst thing you ever do for your business. It’s this:

If your book is badly written, it will make you and your business look bad.

Writing a book that is poorly structured, badly written or is full of mistakes will not only fail to help your business. It will have a direct, negative effect on how you are viewed by your potential and existing customers. Even if they were impressed by you in person, or like your website, if they read your book and you fail to get your message across, you will risk losing them as a client.

If you would like to self-publish your business book, I offer a one-day workshop where I work with you one-on-one to create a detailed blueprint for your book, allowing you to go away and write it to the ‘recipe’ we have created. I then follow up with the editorial support you need to get to the end result: a well-written, high-impact book ready to be published. Contact me for more details.



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